Zaffrea is discovered by the new medics. She had apparently been stored away by the previous stressed medical professor who, not wanting to pay any consequences for endangering a student, just hid her in a separate room on life support since she thought Zaffrea was a goner anyway. The new doctor with flesh manipulation is able to scan Zaffrea and discovers that she is fully healed now but there is a small block in her consciousness. When he moves the block to one of her memories, she awakes, but what she forgot is her ability to hear!

EXP Awarded

Zaffrea Shanti - 180 EXP (This is an incredibly important event which explains why Zaffrea has been gone for so long. It was because she was just forgotten about. Although she is not reacting to this at first, she is mostly confused about not being able to hear properly and feels kind of alone since she does not recognize any of the individuals tending to her.)


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