As RPBY is a group that promotes our character to grow and develop with every roleplay, EXP is awarded for every roleplay. Once a roleplay is completed, an admin should be tagged within the roleplay, upon which the admin will decide how much EXP each character gets and confirms with the participating members how this EXP should be allocated. This EXP will then be edited into the stats on the character’s wiki page.

A roleplay must explicitly end before any EXP is awarded, with the member who started it being the one to end it with a simple statement such as (END ROLEPLAY). Sudden endings are okay, as we recognize that people may be busy and may not have had the time to properly carry out the roleplay to a more fitting end.

EXP Progression

The amount of EXP you start with is dependant upon what type of character you are creating. Generally, EXP is distributed as follows:

Students - 1,000 EXP

Miscellaneous Characters - 5,000 EXP

Professors (Staff only)  - 10,000 EXP


A student character will then graduate at 5,000 EXP, with every 1,000 EXP symbolizing one year at Shade. Although the student has graduated through, they are still free to remain as a miscellaneous character and continue to earn EXP.


Miscellaneous character can earn EXP until they reach the 10,000 cap, at which point they are not allowed to enter roleplays unless given express permission by an admin. This cap is meant to encourage our members to grow and develop new characters, instead of sticking to only one, so that the Shade environment doesn’t get stale! There is only so much that can be done with a character, and so much room for development, which is why this 10,000 cap symbolizes max development.


Professors, despite starting with 10,000 EXP, have a little bit of a separate EXP system in which their EXP cap is 15,000. However, this EXP is just to symbolize character development, and does not warrant semblance unlocks as EXP does for other characters. Once their EXP cap is met, the professor will retire, and the corresponding admin will create a new Professor to take their place.

Semblance Unlocks

As your characters grow, it makes sense for their abilities to develop alongside them! This is why we have semblance unlocks, with each happening every 500 EXP. Semblance unlocks are a new, unique aspect to your character’s semblance, such as a character being able to unlock a new emotion to manipulate if they had a emotion manipulation semblance. Please do not just make aspects of your character’s semblance stronger with a semblance unlock instead of adding on a new aspect to it, strengthening aspects that already exist is more appropriate as a result to an increased endurance. Once you reach the required 500 EXP, an admin will contact you asking about what you want for you new semblance unlock, however you are free to put off deciding what it is until later.

Stat Descriptions

Although the small literary descriptions given to stats help shape an understand of what the stats signify, their downside is that they will become outdated with time. This is why every for every character’s 1,000 EXP gained (one school year), the stat descriptions must be updated to better reflect what the new, improved stats mean.

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