Mei Ming has completely let go of pretending to be “sweet” and “lovable”, unleashing her full deadly force towards her former boyfriend, Cole. As students around her are disgusted with her actions, Cole continues to try and get her to come back to him in vain. Grim's feelings on Cole develops as it attempts to protect Cole.

EXP Awarded

Grim Ceifeiro - 50 EXP (Grim’s defense of Cole sharply contrasts its previous eccentricity.)

Mei Ming - 50 EXP (Mei Ming displays that she just no longer cares about how people view her. She also could care less about Cole who is “disposable” to her.)

Cole Tarnung - 25 EXP (Cole is continuously falling into Mei Ming's hands for her to manipulate him.)


--Unavailable Content--


--Not Available--

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