Cosimo is a miscellaneous character played by Adam Klimczak-Simul (AKA Nef).

Cosimo Color


TOTAL 5,000 /10,000



Romance Scene with Lucy and Kouta04:34

Romance Scene with Lucy and Kouta.

Lucy from Elfen Lied


Looking to be around the age of someone in their twenties. Though this isn’t time being fair...


The binary is too limited to describe a concept as complex as gender. 


This phrase is completely meaningless. Sexual drive is only correspondent to love which is only correspondent to closeness. Intimacy… in other words is a better word.


Human it seems. The complexities that lie underneath however...


If an “all” option can be selected, it would be here.


His body was never pertinent to the Earth.


When by your scorn, love, I am dead

And you think me free

From all solicitation from me

Then shall my ghost come to your bed

And you… worse trials worse arms shall bring

Then when you begin to see

And here, who aren’t you then anything

Together, calling for me

And in false sleep I see you shrink

And then, poor neglected now

A veiled ghost, come see.

What will I say, I have no know-how Least perseverance, you and love spent

I’had rather see you painfully repent

Than live long and innocent

Full Backstory:


Cosimo was never evil, he wasn’t. There are many times where he’s done something abnormal that he’s valued because of a twised idealogy, but this would have never come to be if he wasn’t a corrupted soul. As an untouchable lost soul, he allows his personality to succumb to this title. There is nothing left for him that matters in a living sense. Everything excluding that excludes him as well. In that way, his actions in an effort to express inconsideration and not caring lean towards what can be perceived as evil. Morality actually has as little pertinence to him as gender.



He believes to lead lost souls into a transportation of a more comfortable state of being. This isn’t the case as lost souls are always lost in a state of eternal ghostship.


Otherworldy in origin.



Cosimo has no weapon and is not a fighter.


Since he has an aura despite not in the context of normal humans, he has powers known as transcendance. Lost souls are ghosts in that they are trapped from transcending into their next state of being. For him he can overcome barriers between dimensions by only passing through Omphalos. However, in Omphalos he can only exist as if he were attempted to be taken out of the crossroads of dimensions, he would be only semi apparent, like a ghost. It is easier for him to exist through technological mediums and the internet which is a crossroads of dimensions in its own right and the site for his home town.

Future Outlook

Character Development

Cosimo will soon realize the dangers of his love and learn to live without her. This is a feat that is only possible through the aid of an understanding being who can save him from his inability to passover. 

Intended Career

Cosimo had never had thoughts on his life, and dead, this is inapparent as well.


Certain goals would be to touch reality more, something that is almost impossible to him now but a constant fantasy as he hallucinates frequently.

Other Notes

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