Cerise and Mei Ming’s first sexual encounter comes as a pleasant surprise to Cerise, glad that someone could appreciate what he had to offer. Mei Ming, however, displays intentions of using the encounter for a favor, knowing that Cerise is “intimate” with the headmaster of Beacon and potentially using this information to achieve team leadership level easier, and is obviously fake. As Cerise loosens Mei Ming up with his semblance, they get more into the physical aspect of it.

EXP Awarded

Mei Ming - 75 EXP (Mei Ming is seductively conniving and seems to be in total control throughout most of it. She starts to enjoy it a bit more when Cerise uses his semblance, but still gets across that she wants something out of this. She is shown to enjoy dominance.)

Cerise Moani - 50 EXP (Although Cerise is known to be experienced with sex, this is the first time he is seen to have sex at Beacon establishing his comfort and confidence level with it as well as involving interesting personal details as sex constitutes a majority of his psyche.)


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