Character Template Guidelines

750 Minimum Word Count

Our template is designed to promote thoughtful character creation, so that you as a player can have an immersive and impactful role play experience! RPBY is all about letting our members express themselves in whichever way they choose to, which is why we have a minimum word count for the whole template rather than per section. That way, you can focus on the aspects of your character that matter most to you, rather than having us choose said aspects for you.

Mandatory Sections

All sections of our template are mandatory, excluding the “other notes” section. We understand that sometimes you, or your character, may not know something about them yet, and prefer to develop it later on as you progress through your role plays, such as sexuality or intended career. That is why you are free to fill out each section however you please, with as much or as little detail as you like. For example in the case of sexuality, you could explain that your character is still questioning or hasn’t exactly thought about it much. We encourage sections to be filled out creatively, such as writing out a sentence or two instead of filling it in with a single word so that your character’s personality can come across easier, but of course this is not a requirement!

Picture Required


We require all templates to be accompanied with a picture, so that you as well as your fellow role players can have a face to put to the name! Of course, we understand that not everyone is an artist or is willing to draw, which is why we encourage these members to use a character creator site like Rinmaru ( We do discourage using images found off of google images or of other characters, because we want your character to come from you as opposed to someone or somewhere else. Again though, you are free to express your character however way you feel most comfortable which is why this is still allowed. Just make sure you don’t forget to source :)

Voice Section

We would rather leave a character’s voice up to their creators, rather than have others just headcanon a voice to read their dialogue in for them; it is your character after all! Although a simple addition, establishing a voice for your character can add a world of depth to how they present themselves and how they are perceived, as well as paints a more vibrant mental picture as roleplays are read. You can either describe your character’s voice with words, or provide a link to a clip that represents what their voice would sound like, either is fine!

Hex Code w/ Aura

Facebook color-0

In order to better define each of our characters as well as their auras, we require each template to provide the hex code that represents the color the aura in question. Every color has a hex code unique to it associated with it, for example the specific tone of blue that Facebook uses for its logo has the hex code #3b5998. By using a hex code instead of a word alone to describe aura color, everyone can know the exact tone that you have in mind. As opposed to being “just another black aura” or “just another blue aura”, etc., your aura color can now feel special to both you and your character! We recommend either toying with a color wheel such as to find a hex code that suits what you have in mind, or looking at a list of tones such as to pick the color that matches best and just copying and pasting the hex code. Of course, there are more tone comparison charts for more colors than just blue, just scroll down to all the different colors and click on the one you are looking for.

Outlook Section

This section is supposed to give both you as well as other members an idea of what direction you intend to take your character in. As we are a group that heavily revolves around character and plot development, we want to encourage our members to have a little bit of this in mind before they begin roleplaying! Any ideas for plots you’d like your character to be involved in or development you plan to have them undergo can be put here, such as if you intend for your character to become a villain or if you plan for them to overcome a certain trauma.

Stats Explained

Numbers can be difficult to translate into a literary based creative form such as role play; for example what is the difference between a character with 100 strength and 200 strength? Obviously the 200 strength character will be stronger, but by how much? What can they do that the 100 strength character can’t? This is why we require members to provide a brief description (one sentence is fine) of each stat’s significance to go along with the number, to better translate the number into a literary form. In the case of strength, you can describe how many pounds they are able to lift, or for perception how well they they could pin a bullseye when it comes to darts. Be creative!

Starting Stat Total

The amount of EXP you start with is dependant upon what type of character you are creating. Generally, EXP is distributed as follows:

Students - 1,000 EXP (Graduate at 5,000)

Miscellaneous Characters - 5,000 EXP

Professors (Staff only)  - 10,000 EXP

Miscellaneous characters are neither students or professors, but still like to spend their time around the school whether it be because they work there or because they simply enjoy the sort of company to be found at Shade Academy. Due to the nature of such characters, starting EXP is subject to differ as appropriate, for example a miscellaneous character with little to no combat experience may begin with an EXP total of 500 instead. These are usually special cases though, with 5,000 being the standard.

Character Template

Please use this template to submit a new character!

By the end of the template, the reader should understand:

  • Why your character is attending Shade Academy
  • Your character on a personal level



Species (Human, Faunus, Android):
Race (Earth):
Nationality (RWBY):

Aura Color (w/ Hex code):
Body type:


Occupation (Student, Career, Work history):


Future Outlook

Character development:
Intended career:

Other notes (Theme song, Quirks, etc.):


Strength (Melee/Power):
Endurance (Aura/Semblance):
Perception (Aim/Awareness):
Agility (Speed/Flexibility):
Constitution (Health/Defense):

TOTAL: ?/10,000

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