Catalina Magnhild is a student character played by Thaddeus Hardces Lau.

Catalina's Color


STRENGTH 225 Catalina prefers going head to head with her opponents, so she would rely on a lot of strength
ENDURANCE 50 Catalina currently does not have an aura nor does she have a semblance.
PERCEPTION 100 While she doesn't have a keen sense for fighting at range, Catalina still have a good amount of awareness when she fights or is just keeping cautious.
AGILITY 225 As a melee fighter, Cataline too rely a lot of her speed to close the distance between her and her opponents while still be able to send out attacks at rapid speeds.
CONSTITUTION 200 Catalina can give and yet, she can take as much damage as she gives.
TOTAL 1,000 /10,000


Aura Color

None but the colour would be Catalina Blue (#062A78) if she would have one 


Overwatch - Zarya All Voice Lines13:50

Overwatch - Zarya All Voice Lines


Catalina Magnhild was born into a small village in the alps of Atlas mountains. Being trained by her father for her entire childhood until she was recruited by Atlas to be sent to Atlas Academy to be trained. During her time there, she was looked down upon by the masses as she was just a girl from the alps of Atlas. Catalina has no one but herself during her time at Atlas, being so, Catalina began training hard in combat as she found out that not only did she could not unlock her aura, she did not even have a semblance. She became of the laughing stock of Atlas academy but due to her excel in hand to hand and close quater combat, she rose up within the student scoreboard, only to be bested by Eric Light.

The two had crossed paths before, during Atlas's Best Combatant Competition and wilderness survival in the Blizzard filled Atlas's wastelands. Both times, she was beaten by Eric but Catalina swore to beat Eric some day, but that day never came as Eric was soon transfered off of Atlas Academy and to elsewhere. Catalina grew frustrated as there were none within the Academy that could really match her in combat besides Eric, so she decided to set out to find him and finally found him in Shade Academy.


Hot head, short fuze, stubborn.





Home schooled, Atlas Academy



Flamme kriger. Dual one handed battle axes capable of using fire dust to make its blades burn with a firey passion.



Future Outlook

Character Development

Being able to unlock her semblance and aura

Intended Career



Beating Eric and proving that she is the better fighter between the two.

Other Notes


Skyrim- The Dragonborn Comes - Female Cover by Malukah02:02

Skyrim- The Dragonborn Comes - Female Cover by Malukah


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