Cataclysm Emblem

Cataclysm is a crime syndicate in RPBY run by Viridia.


Viridia is the undisputed leader of Cataclysm, with members almost worshiping her and using such titles as Mistress when speaking or referring to her. Her second-in-command is unknown, but is believed to be a being of great power. It is said that it is a male who commands great power, the likes of which can be rivaled by few, Viridia included. There are also individual leaders for the branches of Cataclysm's forces, though the natures of these forces are still unknown.


The history of Cataclysm is largely a mystery, due to the fact that in all the time it has existed, it has kept out of the eyes of the public. The only concrete information is that Viridia formed them, and shortly after began recruitment of new members and hording of resources. At some point in time, their current base was established, and all their supplies were moved there. This is all that is currently known about the history of the crime syndicate.

Base of Operations

Cataclysm's headquarters is unknown, but it is thought to be some sort of mobile facility with the capacity to either go into incredibly hostile environments, such as deep sea or outer space, or a remote complex with highly advanced cloaking technology, as it is yet to be found. It is also assumed to be rather large, in order to house the bulk of Cataclysm's resources. However, the syndicate is also known to utilize numerous safe houses and outpost. One such safe house was raided by members of Beacon Academy staff. They found it to be heavily fortified, and despite the fact that Viridia herself appeared with a contingent of guards, they were able to make off with a large amount of weapons and supplies.


The motives of Cataclysm are as yet unknown, though it is likely that they are directly correlated to Viridia's.


The means and methods that Cataclysm uses to get what they want are also unknown. However, it is rumored that they are not above hiring bounty hunters, which suggests they also possess the financial resources necessary to hire said bounty hunters. The members of Cataclysm also keep to the shadows incredibly well, to the point that they won't be seen until it's already too late; by the time you know they're there they've already done what they came for.

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