We all know Syn and many just have had enough of him. One professor in particular is furious with him and when he’s about to show him who’s who, he starts to have a crystal attack (this professor is dying from his crystal semblance in which his body is partially turning to crystal). Syn originally was accepted by the headmaster because he promised he would help the headmaster’s husband and keep him from dying from his crystal semblance. It looks like they were fooled all along as Syn actually accelerates the crystal professor’s death, turning his entire body into crystal. In the end, it was a “Fooled ya!” kind of thing because Syn easily reverses all the damage and the professor is safe but everyone is shaken. What was that about showing him who’s who? ;)

EXP Awarded

Sol Aurella - 150 EXP (He literally almost died.)

Syn - 115 EXP (In a great display of skill, Syn continues to play around with the professors, showing them exactly who’s boss. If he wanted to he could kill them all, but he kept with his word and saved the crystal professor from an early death.)

Yín Arstat - 115 EXP (Yín underwent a great deal of turmoil as she thought she would lose her husband.)


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