Canonly Anonymous is a miscellaneous character played by Aidric Marcello Fedele.

Anon's Color


1 am

STRENGTH 1,500 Strength and endurance go hand in hand for the moon and water.
ENDURANCE 1,500 Endurance and strength go hand in hand water and the moon.
PERCEPTION 50 A large tidal wave doesn’t need very good aim honestly.
AGILITY 450 Powerful waves are semi slow.
CONSTITUTION 1,500 Aid in the night.
TOTAL 5,000 /10,000

2 am

STRENGTH 50 Strength is unreal in dreams.
ENDURANCE 3,000 Reality bending isn’t subjectively weak.
PERCEPTION 3,000 Perception is key
AGILITY 450 An average walking rate.
CONSTITUTION 3,000 Aid in the night.
TOTAL 10,000 /10,000

3 am

STRENGTH 3,000 Don’t.
PERCEPTION 3,000 Such.
AGILITY 3,000 A.
CONSTITUTION 3,000 Lunatic.
TOTAL 15,000 /10,000

Any other time

STRENGTH 200 Unremarkable.
PERCEPTION 200 Not unusual.
AGILITY 200 Not intense.
CONSTITUTION 200 Anonymous.
TOTAL 1,000 /10,000



Watercolor night sky with moon when using semblance/weapon, piano tiles when not.


Mestizo (Peninsulare/Amerindian)


Steven Universe - Lapis Lazuli's Voice (Multilanguage)20:49

Steven Universe - Lapis Lazuli's Voice (Multilanguage)

Jennifer Paz as Lapis Lazuli as well as the similar sounding voice actors chosen for the Multilanguage versions of Lapis. 


During the 1600s time era of anno domini, a mutt was born in of Spanish Peninsulare and a Tlaxcalan native woman who are so insignificant, it’s best not to name them. Mestizos of the time period were starting to become more accepted as part of political importance for local infrastructure and needing adjustments to social hierarchy. Unremarkably, it just so happened that this orphan's father died of a mixed illness from the new environment from being new to MesoAmerica. With an Amerindian the only other parent who's social stance was lower than that of the child, there was no way to be accepted in average society without the white father. Instead, he just got lost, it was something where he went from small town/village to small town/village, making money by playing songs in drinking areas. This is the same home world of Nameless. But taking place on the other side of it. The Western World rather than the Eastern. But soon his singing took him to far way places, other worlds. His song ran through the hush hours of the night. 


The opposite of brilliant both in brightness, luminescence, and radiance as well as brilliance as remarkable or intense.

Because in comparison, Anon. is just as the name indicates unremarkable and not intense. The name is obscure, dark, and dull. The complete opposite.





General solo education and training, religious education



God of the Smaller Hours - Three hours. 1 am, 2 am, and 3 am. Clock hands in tangible form. 1 am – Cosmic Ocean or using Lunar forces to take over tides, mass waves, and the consecutive water. 2 am –Oneiric Walking or Oneifeiry control of subjective reality or absorptions of dreams. 3 am – Last Waking Hour of Death and Destruction in darkly emotional charge


God of the Hush of the Night - Song Empowerment to enhance the gravitational forces of 1 am, the subjective reality bending of 2 am, and the madness of 3 am.

Future Outlook

Character Development

Nothing worth mentioning.

Intended Career

This isn’t applicable for the most part and his career maintains is musical connotation.


For the most part, all he really wants to do is wander around the multiverse, but has bored significantly of it so far.

Other Notes

A collection of songs will be posted here as he sings them:


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