A small incident in the training room left a student extremely injured. It is shown that the medic professor of the school has been too stressed to do her job properly and asking a healing semblance student to help her out in taking care of other students. That student is none other than Zaffrea who has been pushing her semblance to its limits, healing any injury and taking any pain. This over work has been causing her to pass out at times, but she’s hid this even though she knew it was destroying her because she wanted to die, but to at least do it while being useful. This major injury causes Zaffrea to completely give out, going into a coma but not dying. As the medic examines her, she sees the strain that the overusage has done on her brain, but instead of getting her proper help hides her in a back room and gets ready to tell the headmaster so she can be let off.

EXP Awarded

Zaffrea Shanti - 150 EXP (This event is massive for Zaffrea. In her attempt to kill herself, she marks that her transition into full depression and loses every aspect of her personality that was so dear to her. Even though she will be gone for a while as she will be in a coma, the event marks a turn for the worse for Zaffrea’s emotional state.)

Patchouli Russett - 100 EXP (The lack of professionalism and competence shows how everyone failed Zaffrea.)


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