In the Atroxiton tribe, there lies a power that gives them the ability to harness the unforgiving wrath of nature. When this ability arised is yet unknown but it runs deep in their culture and is unique to the tribe. The specifics are a bit sketchy due to their isolation but the major parts of how it works can be explained. By using their aura, anyone of Atroxiton decent can siphon Remnant’s flow of entropy to enhance their physical abilities and aura output. How much this enhances all depends on the state of anger the individual is in but even at its weakest, Burning Lion Heart can make an individual on par with a maiden if not slightly stronger. But if someone reaches the point between blinding rage and pure apathy, they can achieve pure, unbridled, limitless power. Entropy is siphoned at such a rate that the ground shakes violently and their aura output becomes so great that any damage or stress that the body would endure is instantly healed, and because the sun is constantly replenishing Remnant and the drain doesn’t over shadow the gain, anyone in Burning Lion Heart’s ultimate state is infinite in power. Very few however, can reach this state as it requires one to very close to pure apathy and many simply reach that point before attaining its full power. But even so, it’s a powerful ability that makes the weakest of men the strongest of warriors.

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