Nur thinks he’s found someone who could explain to him a little more about Grimm since he himself kind of identifies with them. It’s all fun and games until Syn mocks Nur for his delusional thinking.

EXP Awarded

Neeru Nehanth (Nur) - 40 EXP (Nur’s mostly about fun and games, but now it’s his turn to be on the played side instead of the one doing the playing! This is a very significant even for him as he has been losing touch with what it feels like to be “Grimm” being in school where he’s shown his massive emotional side, but now has no way to ignore the truth. He’s not Grimm like he’s lead himself to believe. He finds it very touching that people he thought disliked him are defending him because of Syn’s abuse.)

Syn - 10 EXP (Syn isn’t really shown to care all that much through this ordeal, only really reacting when Nur starts to get a little violent. Even then, he doesn’t seem like he cares to put any effort into being considerate.)


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