Ao Color
Ao is a professor character played by Zack Buttling.


STRENGTH 1,650 Strength isn't everything
ENDURANCE 2,100 Portals, lots of them. Portals everywhere!
PERCEPTION 1,800 Have to figure out where the portals will be placed. 
AGILITY 2,200 Speed is key, what is the point if you can't hit me?
CONSTITUTION 2,250 Got a thick skin, what can I say?
TOTAL 10,000 /10,000



No information available


No information available


No information available





Signal, Beacon, then a few years on his own.



Tsurugi/Whip: A white tsurugi and a red and black tsurugi that both extends out to a whip-like form or the cord that holds all of it together can go to a hardened state to form quite of few other various weapons, i.e., A scythe-like blade or a  hook-like blade. In it's deactivated form, the blades retract into the hilt of the blade, the tsuba folding in to cover the spacing over the blades. He has a place within his sleeves to keep them when not in use. Think of Ren's thing.


Portal Creation: He can create a rift through space from any place. He doesn't have to see where it is the placement goes nor does it have a distance range in which it works. He is also able to activate and deactivate them at will, and when deactivated, there is a circle of green runes like scribes. When activated, there is a black circular plane with a green spiral going to the center. From this, He is also able to create Portal blasts(The user can create portals that can emit blasts, either for shorts bursts of energy or for long distance beam-like blasts) as well as portal record( Record one's attacks and use it as their own.)

Future Outlook

Character Development

Not really sure, to be honest.

Intended Career

Wandering huntsman...somehow go roped into being a professor.


Doesn't have much significant, just do as much good as I can

Other Notes



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