An average hikikomori gamer with a bit of a with gets a strange message from someone, who knows quite a bit of information on him. Astonished, as this is his first encounter with anything otherworldly here, he takes the other’s offer to meet up. They’re supposed to meet up at Beacon? Why a combat school?

EXP Awarded

Yami Kuroha Nero - 120 EXP (A bit of detail is shown in this initial post with Yami. Despite being suave, he does show he’s uncomfortable with Syn. This is mostly because Yami is used to calibrating his aura to match other people, but he finds this impossible to do for Syn which makes him uneasy as he cannot determine what Syn’s intentions are or if he is for real. We learn just a little bit about Yami and his lifestyle as well as some interesting otherworldly aspects of himself.)

Syn - 10 EXP (The mysterious apparition that confronts Yami is none other than Syn! And he takes great lengths to impress Yami into meeting up despite his reluctance to leave the safety of his home.)


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