Alice Oxford is a miscellaneous character played by Cortnie Renee Cox.

"Why are all of the other children afraid of me?" ~Alice Oxford, age 7.

Alice's Color


STRENGTH 30 Due to her size and the condition of her birth, she is not exactly at average strength for her age.
ENDURANCE 50 Since Alice does not know yet what her semblance is, she does not rely on it all too much.
PERCEPTION 100 She relies heavily on her awareness mostly do to the fact she sees dead people.
AGILITY 70 While she may be small, she has learned how to quickly run away from anything that is deemed dangerous, though she has learned she can’t exactly run away from the dead.
CONSTITUTION 50 Due to the issue that occurred during her birth, her health is not exactly the best.
TOTAL 300 /10,000



The name Alice Stark refers to when she becomes adopted by Gwyn Stark.


Currently, due to her age, Alice does not understand what sexuality is.


Kari makes Gatomon digivolve into Angewomon

Kari makes Gatomon digivolve into Angewomon

Kari from Digimon.


Due to her mother going into labor 6 months early, Alice was still born but a miracle saved her life and she was revived five hours after birth. However, tragedy would continue to plague the poor girl. When she was four years old, her older sister lost her battle with cancer and passed on. Three months later, her older brother ended his own life. This all occurred a year before Carmine Vigdis made her parents her next victims. After her parents were murdered, young Alice was placed in an orphanage in Vacuo where she makes friends with a boy by the name of Rosso Noir la Chance (Whose template has been made but won't be posted until Gen 2). She is eventually adopted by Gwyn Stark on her seventh birthday.


Alice is very shy and sweet and full of pure childish innocence. She often means well, even if things turn out not the way she intends. She is also easily scared and may seem a bit crazy, though her secret reveals the true nature of her actions.



Orphan but later becomes smol adopted child of Gwyn Stark


Very little homeschooling before being adopted



Will not receive a weapon until Gen 2


Is currently unknown but will be revealed as she ages and when Gen 2 comes around

Future Outlook

Character Development

Will be revealed in Gen 2

Intended Career

Will be revealed in Gen 2


Will be explained in Gen 2 but right now, be the best daughter she could be.

Other Notes

Alice can see and talk to dead people. The two spirits that are always around her are her older sister, who passed away a year before she lost her parents due to cancer, and her older brother, who took his own life 3 months after the death of their sister. While at the orphanage, Alice played with a black Terrier puppy that she named Mr. Midnight.


Between Heaven & Hell - OFFICIAL

Between Heaven & Hell - OFFICIAL

*Template will be updated as Alice grows and when Gen 2 starts up