Although a significant amount of time has occurred since Initiation, Naming Ceremony takes place to remind the school to be united during these times. And… it’s a huge mess, everyone's at each other’s throats in one way or another.

EXP Awarded

Cerise Moani - 130 EXP (This event was a rather large one and many of the conflicts involved Cerise in one way or another. He got targeted by Syn’s flirts and despite not particularly feeling attracted to Syn’s edgy appearance, he reciprocated those flirts even though Zaffrea was right next to him. Other than blatantly betraying his girlfriend, he gets a bit caught up in Jade’s anger over her breakup with Neeru. He gets Cole riled up by making his sexual assault of Mei Ming public and almost commences a huge battle between everyone who are getting somewhat antsy. It’s to the point where a random student just ends up feeling so irritated with Cerise that he folds up a small paper flower and crumbles it metaphorically? Cerise, you either love him or hate him.)

Neeru Nehanth (Nur) - 125 EXP (Nur has finally worked up the courage to stand up to Jade and tell her off. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her, he’s gay! He becomes instantly attracted with the Grimm hybrid, Syn, who promises to give him a bit of fun later. He’s extremely worried about his team, but as usual is just an annoying knucklehead.)

Zaffrea Shanti - 120 EXP (Oddly, Zaffrea isn’t doing so well, and it’s not just because Cerise is being an ass. Although she mostly has come to terms with Cerise’s flirting around, she finds it very hurtful that he is being like this right in front of her. But there is something else bothering her too because she is getting too aggressive for her usual self.)

Syn - 115 EXP (While Syn is mostly messing and flirting around at one point he actually does begin to commence a full physical battle. It doesn’t last long, but tensions are still high.)

Grim Ceifeiro - 110 EXP (Grim does very little in this post, mostly keeping to itself and asking anyone who gets near it to stay away. Razz is very blatant about his upsettedness over the breakup and Grim is also very blatant about ignoring him.)

Fěnhóng Mólì  - 50 EXP (No one seems to ask where Mei Ming is or who this Mólì person is and no one seems to pay her any mind. Her personality is as generic as they come.)

Sulala Sanguinaria “Gwen” Carmine - 50 EXP (Sulala is made leader, but this new personality is kind of odd as if it were programmed incorrectly. She does little to interact with others.)

Other Participants - 50 EXP

Cole Tarnung, Auric Halcyon, Sable Midnight, Royce Cruger, Nyella Panthera Atroxiton "Nell", Jade Li


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