Introducing a new time and space bender, Nameless! Grim finds him instantly attractive and seems like he understands it in a way no one else does. Syn messes around a bit with him but does find him charming. Grim shows Nameless its small dark garden.

EXP Awarded

Grim Ceifeiro - 120 EXP (Hanging out with new people and having some fun teleporting as well as playing around in a garden, Grim’s is starting to be happy genuinely again! Nameless has a happy effect it.)

Nameless - 120 EXP (This introduction of Nameless demonstrates the kind of person that he is and provides a well defined base for him. He also seems to enjoy Grim’s company.)

Syn - 50 EXP (Syn just expresses a bit of distaste for Nameless, but secretly finds him charming.)


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