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Kaiser's Color

Kaiser sat in his office, staring at the wall. He didn't know what to do. That thing was loose and it was going to recover from a full atomic breakdown in the next week or so. Thoughts poured into the scientists mind. He should've known everything wasn't presented as it was. That they were using him and his research. With a few deep breaths he calmed himself as he headed out into the courtyard and took a seat on a bench. Kaiser took out a small tool kit and began working on his mechanical arm to ease his mind.

Rubio color

Pounding at the door was a very impatient and angry Rubio. Sure, he had a multitude of professors with him and doing their jobs excellently, but dammit he thought he could RELY on Marnie......... She had never failed him once entering this work place and the had their spats of course but when it came to the final decision she had left her professor duties to conduct research in Mistral. Though he knew they'd be meeting again this upcoming weekend, it was definitely an anxious time for him... As much as he hated to admit it.. he had always treated her like shit... In a way it's made him value their relationship together more so and he wasn't sure about how to go about fixing it... Making their upcoming meeting definitively stressful..

Rubio pounded on the door again, needing someone to take this out on. Kaiser just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sure, he was an excellent and positive professor, a great addition to the team and one slip up should honestly have not mattered but in his state, he was more than eager than to be a little cruel. Kaiser without warning had left the day previously, abandoning his classes and other work with absolutely no warning. This just could not be acceptable. 

"Kaiser!!" he pounded again.

Kaiser's Color

After finishing the tune up on his arm, he sighed "I better get back to work......" The man then stood up and headed back to his office where he saw Rubio pounding on his door. <Whelp, here we go> He thought as he cracked his neck "You wanted to speak with me?" He asked, bracing himself for a verbal thrashing.

Rubio color

Glaring at the professor, Rubio gave in a sighed, adjusting his monicle and scowling slightly, "We're going to have a meeting in the break room this afternoon to discuss a few concerns. I expect you not to abandon your post in the meantime." With that he retracted his wings and hurried away to deal with his stress on his own.

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