"Fallow" is a miscellaneous character played by Birdy Leisenswig.

Fallow color


STRENGTH 300 He has to be strong enough to wield melee weapons like swords or hammers, but other than that he doesn’t ever use physical attacks.
ENDURANCE 3,100 His sheer aura power is what makes him a threat. He can manipulate enormous amounts of sand and barely drain any aura at all.
PERCEPTION 500 He’s precise enough to shoot sand at things from far away, but he’s not spectacular at aiming. Most of the time he just controls a huge wave of sand to hit his enemies anyways, so good aim isn’t really something he needs anyways.
AGILITY 1,000 To make up for his fragility, he’s incredibly good at dodging things, and uses sand to push him out of the way of attacks.
CONSTITUTION 100 His one drawback is his defense. He’s incredibly fragile and will be defeated by a single attack.
TOTAL 5,000 /10,000





Unknown, speculated to be 13-15 years old


Fennec Fox


Nearly nothing is known about Fallows history. All that is known about him is that he’s been a warrior for hire for at least 5-8 years, however even that contradicts with his speculated age. It is unclear what his motives are, if any.


Fallow appears to be a strong, silent type, rarely ever speaking and always keeping the same placid expression. He appears not to be threatened or scared by anything,seeming bored, even in potentially life threatening situations.



Bounty Hunter





His “weapon” is a large, gourd shaped container. Its filled to the brim with sand that he uses in case he’s in a place devoid of it. He keeps this container strapped to his back at all times.


(Psammokinesis) Fallow has the ability to freely control sand, giving him a wide range of powers. His semblance gives him the ability to create sandstorms, shoot projectile sand blasts, create near impenetrable sand walls, and more.

One of his most powerful and most used abilities is weapon creation. By solidifying sand into different shapes, he’s able to make sand hammers, daggers, whips, spears, bows, and more that he’s able to wield. While fighting him, he will periodically shift sand weapons to fit the situation.

Future Outlook

Character Development


Intended Career




Other Notes

Regular Battle Theme

Steven Universe Soundtrack ♫ - Desert Glass02:42

Steven Universe Soundtrack ♫ - Desert Glass


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